There is an increasing acknowledgement that it is crucial that the same importance be attached to the pursuit of both mental and physical health.

Be Well

A market-leading and cost-effective way of engaging your employees and optimising their health and wellbeing.

Image of doctor taking a patients temperature

Health screening

A range of market-leading evidence-based health assessments delivered by highly competent and experienced doctors, providing an unrivalled level of care and advice. 

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Health promotion

Integrating a positive, healthy lifestyle into the culture of your company is important. We are also able to offer targeted health events for your employees.

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Wellbeing strategy

We encourage our clients to look at workplace wellbeing in a holistic way and to create a culture of healthy working practice and employee wellness at all levels of the business.

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Employee assistance programmes

For employees who need advice and support that extends beyond occupational health, we offer telephone support, face to face counselling and advice services.