New Clinical Services Director

James McMeckan

We are delighted to announce that James McMeckan has been appointed as our new Clinical Services Director.

Clinical expertise and quality are a priority for our business as we support more than 2.25 million people, helping them stay well in the workplace. We employ over 255 health professionals, in more than 40 sites across the UK, and James is responsible for delivering consistent and rigorous clinical occupational health services.

James joined Health Management in 2016 and has held various senior roles within the organisation. He has previously managed innovative service solutions across the business, including the introduction of the new case management portal for Occupational Health services – HealthHub – which makes it easier for our clients to refer, monitor and manage their employee’s health and wellbeing.

James has over 10 years of experience within Health and Leisure industries, including delivering community health improvement services, such as diabetes prevention, health checks, smoking cessation and obesity prevention and treatment services.  James held a number of senior roles within Operations and Business Development leading clinical and non-clinical teams.

James comments “Over the past 4 years I’ve enjoyed being part of the team that has helped expand our services and solutions, bringing new innovation to how we work. As Clinical Services Director I’m looking forward to putting Clinical Quality, expertise and excellent at the forefront of our services to ensure we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations.”